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I’m breathing with a little heaviness which bodes of an asthma attack, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t get to that.  It really hasn’t been as bad as previous episodes, but my body is obviously fighting something as my back is beginning to feel some strain.

I’m trying to catch up with all the time I lost over the weekend.  I’m waiting for the gesso on my blue pressboard folder cover for the DECORATE A JOURNAL book to dry on one side so I can paint the backside.  I’m going to cover this with a fancy paper napkin later.  I just need to “blot out’ the blue.  I tried doing it straight and the semi-opaque paper napkin in beige didn’t quite look as I wanted it to look on the blue board.  Do over: I gessoed the blue and now have a white base for the paper napkin to cling to.

I also had the chance to play with some stencils and acrylic paint on printed paper which came out rather nicely. 

Stencil Experiment: Acrylic on printed paper (1)

I used less paint on a foam brush this time around, trying to control the direction that I swiped the brush down on the stencil, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Stencil Experiment: Acrylic on printed paper (2)

I like the effect it had on the paper and now that I’ve figured out that taping the stencil onto the paper is indeed necessary to keep it in place, I think I’ve gotten around my previous problem of having the stencils move when they should been stationary.

Stencil Experiment: Acrylic on printed paper (3)

I plan to use these stenciled backgrounds in some cards I’m sending off to P.

I put my hand on the “drying” gesso and it felt cold.  I don’t feel chilly but I know it’s cold.  I’ll give it a few minutes more and put on the napkin cover.  That way, if it doesn’t work, I have time tomorrow to redo it.  (Keeping my fingers crossed it will so I can just concentrate on taking the video reveal.)

I’ll try other methods of applying color to the stencil in future projects.  For now, I’m just happy they turned out great. 

I had looked forward to doing a lot of creating and organizing and doing more cutting with my Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine more so since some Heartfelt Creations Exclusive Dies had arrived Friday.  I kept coming back to their booth for their demos at the Allentown crafts fair, but I didn’t have any die cutter to use any dies for, so I had to wait.  They have a unique stamp and die set that you buy separately that produces such gorgeous paper flowers.  Because I’ve been feeling under the weather, I’ve been unable to take my machine out of the box this weekend.  When I finally get this swap out, I intend to try and make some paper flowers of my own.

One more layer of glossy mod podge to seal my book cover.  I’ll leave it overnight to dry and I will trim it tomorrow.  Time to call it a night..

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