Friday chills

It was a beautiful but chilly day today and I’ve been feeling cold even now as I am on the bus home. My allergy medication is helping that it isn’t because it’s leaving my throat painfully dry. Well, water is free, so I’ve been drinking all day. My breathing is starting to get a bit labored but I’m trying to stay positive, keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not going to become a full-blown asthma attack.

Work was okay. Not terribly busy but not slow either. It’s been a good Friday overall. I only have one journal post to write and a journal to send off tomorrow and I can devote more time to personal crafting again.

(Oops, not to forget the one-sentence journal for April!)

I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening, and maybe some cheesy pizza.. I made three cards for P yesterday, but I didn’t get anywhere near writing in them today. Later.

Getting off now.. The weekend has begun.


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