A new journal project: JOURNAL ON A JOURNEY

I’m currently working on my One Sentence Journal for April, and I just realized that I had missed the sign up for the One Sentence Journal for May. (And to think I had such high hopes for doing this swap every month.)  So instead, I’m trying to find a private swap for May (for sending in June) and I’m already watching out for June (for sending in July).

Journal on a Journey: Composition NotebooksTwo swaps to go and I have to start thinking of the swaps I will sign up for next — IF I will sign up for any more.  I am working on launching a new journal project for which I am creating a page here on this blog.  I’m calling it JOURNAL ON A JOURNEY because the idea is to have a set of journals traveling around the world collecting journal entries from people from all walks of life.

I have enjoyed journal swaps immensely, whether they were a full journal with the 30 journal prompts that had me pouring out my heart and soul into those pages, or the Shared Journal Experiment where a group of people from Swap-bot.com circulate journals with prompts to a partner per round.  I’ve also created journals without any entries meant to be written on by my partner, in exchange for which I received a journal myself which is a real gem from kromo.

I guess you can also call it a journal experiment of sorts because I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the journals somehow will make it back to me — and I wanted to see where my journals will end up in and what ends up in them.

As a result, I’m lying low on future swaps except for a very select few exchanges.  I want to see where this project goes.

I’m sending a journal (or two) to Manila as well to friends who I know will be excited to exchange these journals.   (The journal will be returned to a local address and my sister will send it back to me in New York)   Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they eventually make their way back to me.

If your interest has been piqued at this point, please e-mail me at JournalOnAJourney@gmail.com with your mailing address.  I intend to start sending out these journals before May is out.  I just need a little time to create them and get them ready for sending.  It’s a free-form journal project, so don’t be afraid that it requires art journaling or craftwork — a simple journal entry that is hand-written or typed and pasted on the page is good, too.  At the same time, your journal entry may be a graphic or collage or picture that represents what you want to put in.  Each journal will have a set of very basic rules and suggestions with them which will stay true to the free-form intention of the project.

I’m pretty excited about this and hope that the people I write to request to join will be willing to help me out with this project.  I already have half a dozen friends in Manila I’m thinking of inviting to join me on this journey.  I hope they will all say yes.  Same goes for some swap friends I’ve made on Swap-bot.com.  I figure that even if only half the ladies I invite join, I’ll have a busy time circulating the journals around in the next couple of weeks.

Will you join my JOURNAL ON A JOURNEY project?  Send me that e-mail and sign up!