A little bit of encouragement

I have a bit of a problem with “coming out into the world” and going outside my blogspace. I used to contribute to a “Mommy” blog but I found the site and the posts getting too commercial and I wasn’t into that. There are the many photo pools, etc., currently running online like the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress being run from The Daily Post.

Last week’s prompt was “FROM ABOVE” and while I had a ton of shots of the park below from my berth 41 storeys above midtown Manhattan, I ended up taking a new one anyway. I was iffy about submitting it because while it was literally “FROM ABOVE”, most of the shots that had been submitted were literally a view of the ground from someone standing up or from the top of a table or thing that was being shot. Mine was kind of that that it wasn’t. My friend, Lou, however, said that to her, it was still from above. I posted it below and submitted the link. The “likes” spiked, and the views, too. My space was busy yesterday with over 50 hits from the Philippines.

I know, it’s just over 50 and that’s probably nothing compared to what the more popular sites get, but to my usually sleepy little corner here, it’s usually me, myself and I and a half dozen other people who somehow like seeing what I’ve been up to.

Thanks, Lou.

Often, we forget how a little encouragement can go a long way. Many people need more of that instead of negative ideas or criticisms. Someone I know has always been affected by people’s views that of his siblings, he was the only one who never “made it”, yet of all of them, his educational attainment was the highest. My BFF Donna always said she knows she’s only “average” in intelligence which I beg to disagree with. To me, intelligence per se should never be described with the word “only”. Like “lang” in the vernacular, it’s a word that’s been much misused and abused to death to degrade one’s self. NOT IN MY BOOK.

And I am only human, and not perfect, and sometimes a little nudging helps. So again, thank you, Lou.

I try to do the same for those who stray here, or whose blogs I accidentally stumble into. (I really should bloghop more.) We are always our worst critics, like I have said time and time again.