Journal on a Journey: A Progress Report

If you’re reading about my Journal on a Journey project for the the first time and you’re interested to find out what it’s all about, please go to this page where I have the mechanics and will regularly post updates.

I have realized that my composition notebook is not going to go very far or will not hold up too well through the wear and tear that this journal(s) is(/are) supposed to go through.  So I have scrapped the idea of using composition notebooks.  The paper was also too thin that writing with a regular fine point signpen caused some blotting to bleed through to the back page.  I’m not a fan of that.

As an alternative, I’m actually creating several decorated pages I will reproduce randomly in the different journals I’m creating for this project, printed/drawn on good paper stock legal sized paper which I will sew into a journal of around 100 pages.  (Ambitious, yeah!)  I guess the stitch piercer tool I bought two weekends ago has inspired me to be brave and makes me think it’s going to be easy.  (We’ll soon find out, won’t we?)

I’m cutting magazines and doing collages.  There are some catch phrases, quotes and others I will literally draw.  This will make each journal unique and different from the next.  It also gives me a chance to use some of my stock art work like previous letterings, doodles, ATCs, etc. and it will also give me a new excuse to create more — not that I need one.

I know there are a lot of text journalers out there who would welcome the chance to participate in this project.  Our goal is to see how far the journals can travel before being filled and what kinds of entries find their way into its pages.  I will write one journal entry somewhere in each journal, not necessarily as a starter entry.  Art journalers are also welcome, or even photojournalers.  It’s very free form with only a few rules, the most important of which is that you are committing to write an entry and return the journal to me. 

Any ideas on what you would want to see in this journal?  Email me at or leave a comment here.  Let’s see what we can come up with together.

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