Raine Sarmiento: I Paint the Roses Blue

Apologies to Raine Sarmiento for mixing her up with Raine Tobias, but I got an e-mail invite to the event below.  Apologies to Raine  whom I bumped ito  at a local Philippine Postcrossing Facebook group and with whom I  have been corresponding with  via postcards.  I realize now my connection to Ms. Sarmiento is probably through Etsy. Apologies but still endorsing!

Raine Sarmiento at the LittleLitFest

She’s a lady of many talents — our local artists need our support and I encourage you to go and meet her and see her body of work at this event sponsored by the National Book Development Board on May 31, 2013 at the Museo Pambata.  I have already contacted her to get a set of her postcards and at least one autographed one.  I am truly honored to know this young lady… good luck, Raine!