Work in Progress: Philippine Map Postcard with Lupang Hinirang in the background

Work in progress: Philippine Map Postcard

I’ve been trying to do this during breaks and when I can find a quiet moment to sit.  Even in the water park, I sat on a deck chair and scribbled.  It took three tries before I got the whole anthem to fit on the sheet, and now I know how big (or how small) the lettering should be on my postcard.  It’s not quite finished though, yet.  I have to fill in some ‘unpainted’ gaps on the paper and again apply the distress ink on the edges.  Or not.

I went back to work today and had to rush through a book I had to pull together for the boss.  I literally had to tell people to call tomorrow or next week to follow up on other requests because I had no energy to tackle anything else besides focus on the boss.  We had a few good laughs — and laughter on a busy day is always good. 

I wanted to try my hand on the daily prompt but it would’ve taken my 100 % concentration to muster a coherent post given the task.  So I just let it go. 

I’m busy trying to make my mind up about going on a personal field trip (again) to see a craft fair show, this time in West Springfield, MA on Sunday.  I can do it by bus but it would mean getting to the city before 8AM.  The trip will take around 3 1/2 hours, which is good — because it means I don’t have the whole day to browse and do damage to my bank account. LOL  I’m just a little reluctant because the boy has a project due on Monday.  I guess it all depends on how much we get to accomplish this Saturday.

I wanted to be able to get more dies (to use with my die-cutter) and spray inks, etc.  I wanted to see more demos and more stores… (I’m starting to feel giddy happy just thinking about it.)

The thing is I’m on solo duty until Saturday evening.  I would’ve gone Saturday, but I have to stay home.  Oh, well.. at least it’s Friday — finally!