Postcards and pampering me

Postcards on the wayFor the first time in a long time, I worked from home Wednesday. Although I was hoping to do so much more, I think I was able to accomplish a lot while staying at home. Working from home is actually not as easy as most people would think it is, because not only are you taking care of things at home (like a nine-year-old wanting to go through every line of his report card), but you have to be able to answer calls and monitor e-mails like you normally would at work.  But I was happy, and it was refreshing, and I’m actually hoping I could do it again.

I managed to spend the afternoon with my boy, enjoying some play time at the local McDonald’s, then walking around the stores by the corner to grab a few things.  I decided to go for a foot spa treatment at this nail place which has been around a while, and it was surprisingly good.  I am already making a mental note of going back in 2 weeks.  I am trying to take better care of myself, and while most people would consider it an indulgence, it is an indulgence well deserved.

I’ve been writing on some postcards I’m sending to Manila with some lenticular or 3d postcards I raffled off to the Postcrossing Philippines group on FB.  5 of them made it to the post office today.  (If you’d like a postcard from New York, please send me an e-mail at  I’m trying to get some swaps ready, too, what with a 20-pc ATC swap ending this weekend.  19 ATCs heading out this Saturday.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I’m excitedly awaiting BFF Donna’s arrival this weekend from Australia.  We have a lot of catching up to do — what with 5 years having passed since we last saw each other here in NY.  We’ve kept in touch through emails and FB, but in person is still something else.  We have her birthday this month to celebrate and a host of other things.  I’m already smiling from ear to ear just thinking about it.  Tonight she lands on my side of the world, and tomorrow, we’ll talk while in the same time zone.

She’s one of the oldest friends I have — and I’ve told and retold our story here many times.  We were at a party waiting for our respective La Sallite guests when she approached me and told me she had always wanted to be friends with me but was afraid I wouldn’t pay her any mind.  We became inseparable, then we went to different universities. We had our own little squabbles but the years brought us back to each other each time.

And once again, we get to be together — really together.