The rationale behind comment moderation

… is that I refuse to be bullied or told off here on my own blog.  There was a time when a blog reader went around a pool of bloggers whose blogrolls had each other’s blogs on their list and taunted the blogger with non-sensical insults.  I shut her up by identifying her location based on her IP address.  Brooklyn, after all, is not too far from where I am.

I also refuse to be used to promote or tick up someone else’s blog stats. 

To those who feel they find something lacking in the way my blog is written or presented or it’s not exciting enough, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t really care about stats nor readership.  I’ve said it from the very start:  this blog is for my own personal benefit.  If it were a commercial site instead of a personal blog, it would probably be a different case.

Then I noticed that the comment was left by a URL hoping to land in my comment roll and have a few additional clicks for this product they are selling.  No, I didn’t bother to click.  I wouldn’t want my click raising their blog stats even by one.

Thanks, but no thanks.