Baltimore on a cloudy day

Storm clouds over Baltimore

Saying goodbye to family is never a matter of hi and goodbye, so we ended up having lunch together which was a fitting way to end the gathering of the Gonzalez cousins.  It was short but fun, and it is always heartwarming to see Angelo getting to know his Uncles and cousins on either side.

It was well after lunch by the time we headed for Baltimore, and highway traffic caused us further delays.  When we finally drove up to the inner harbor, the clouds were threatening rain.


The boys went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not which I easily wiggled out of as I preferred to go window shopping rather than visit an exhibit I had seen more than once before in other parts of the country.  Angelo enjoyed it, primarily because Bumble Bee greeted him right at the entrance.
Grey skies over the Inner Harbor

We capped the day with a fancy dinner at Phillip’s Seafood and then headed on our way back to New York.  It was midnight by the time we got home and two days after, I am still exhausted.  I haven’t quite caught up with sleep yet, but I’m trying to keep going.

Dinner at Phillip's in Baltimore, MD

Summer isn’t quite done yet, so we’re making plans about what we will be doing in the coming days.  Another month to go!

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