Feeling under the weather this weekend

DSCF6697I had to stay home and take a day off because my caregiver asked for permission to take Friday off.  What could we say but yes?  I would’ve rather that the day off had been in the next two weeks, but again, what could we say?  The good news is that staying at home finally gave me a chance to move my pictures to my laptop and I’ve started uploading them.

It was a productive day although I fought off the lethargy.  My throat is telling me I’m coming down with something, so after dinner at Tony Roma’s, I cleaned up and lay down to go to bed.  I thought I could “will” it off, but my sinews are now aching boding of some bug my body is fighting away.

So I put the polymer clay aside and I’ve decided it can wait until tomorrow.Polymer Clay Owls for Lux
I did manage to sculpt and bake a few. There’s still the weekend.

I need to get some rest… the last thing I need is for me to get sick. We’re driving to Lake George next week… can’t wait to go antiquing.

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend.