Daily Prompt: In the beginning

Daily Prompt:  Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

I started blogging in August 2004 after having given birth to Angelo earlier in May.  Before that, I had an online journal in my personal website which had been more about my postcard collection and personal photo albums from before I arrived in New York.  The blog-alike was just a portion of a bigger website which honed my skills in longhand HTML encoding.  I had started putting up some of my postcards there and was more brazen about actually publishing personal photographs, albums and sentiments.

When I started blogging, I focused more on chronicling my day-to-day life.  I also shied away from putting up too many pictures and even now, try to limit actual photos of me from appearing in my posts.  I guess you can say it was a recognition of the publicness of a web log.  My first post, dated August 4, 2004, simply said:

“Having read so much about all that’s going on with the different weblogs out there, I thought I’d sign up for a freebie to try it out even if I have my own webpage (which is now a dead link after Geocities was effectively closed by Yahoo) somewhere out there in cyberspace.  Perhaps it’s a need to express myself and just record my thoughts for me to go back to at a later time.  So let’s see where this goes..”

After almost 10 years here, my blog has changed homes only once.  I had originally started the blog at Blog.com, but I kept getting error messages when too many people were trying to access their servers.  Between typepad, wordpress, and blogger/blogspot, WordPress appealed to me because many of my blog friends were on this platform.

Nothing much has changed.  I still blog for my own personal benefit.  I chronicle my day-to-day existence here, and while there was a lame attempt at trying to commercialize the site (and I still try with the links on my widget bar), I have come to terms with the reality that commercialization and staying true to keeping an online journal just don’t work well together.  If I go commercial, it would have to be done on a blog specifically put up for that purpose.  If I am to stay true to the spontaneous writing I have done here for almost a decade, I have to accept that popularity is not something I can put on top of my priorities, and I’m quite happy with that.

Besides, I knew from the get-go that”Pinay New Yorker” as a blog name would only really click with the Filipino readers who knew what it was about.  Still, I’m happy with the way it has become a brand of sorts for the things I do.  (And I am suddenly reminded by the Chinese intrusion, with a notice and denial of ceasing and desisting from using pinaynewyorker.cn — I still can’t understand why they find it relevant to register the domain name.)

If anything has changed, it’s the things I write about.  I’ve become more participative with the blog community, more so in daily posts like this courtesy of The Daily Post.  I’m still very guarded, often “censoring” myself but my writing is as honest as I allow it to be.

I make no apologies for the things or the way I write — again, my main audience remains to be me.  If you come by my space and find something you can use or find amusing, then that is just a perk of being able to write here like I do.

Literal musings — not whole truths or claimed facts.  These are random thoughts in my head — from the mind of a FIlipina living in the big apple.