Feeling better but…

… I’m not quite up on my feet yet.  I’ve been moving around but have decided to just stay put at home.  I’m having trouble breathing.  I had always hoped to outgrow my asthma, but when I see others who have to lug around an inhaler or whose activities are framed by the use of maintenance medication, I can’t help but feel fortunate still.

From all indications, it looks like my cough is getting better.  I woke up without the usual pain in my throat.  Still, I felt exhausted all day.  As if my body was continually fighting the infection assaulting it.

I did manage to work on the picture frames this afternoon — applying some finishing touches which has the frame almost done.  I also uploaded some ATCs I had swapped to the other blog.  Finally.


While there was so much more I would’ve wanted to do this weekend that I didn’t get to do, it wasn’t a total washout despite my body’s protests.

I go back to work tomorrow hoping that my cough will not be as deep, and my cold more manageable.  I might even venture another round of photos at Bryant Park before going up to my building.


It should be an easier day.  I hope.  It’s a short week for me as we’re heading up to Lake George for a summer getaway for just a few days.  I can use the break — even if I’m coughing up a storm.  (Maybe more so…)