Mail Happy

I have long been wondering where some of the people who have sent me swaps got their older US stamps. Then I ventured into eBay and lo and behold, there they were. I managed to snag a lot with a $5 discount to boot, and I am going to start using them for the postcards I hope to send back from Lake George.


This is actually one of my favorites. I refuse to believe that snail mail, or writing longhand, is a lost art. I try to do my part by writing letters and cards when I can, instead of relying on Facebook, e-mails and text messages. At the same time, I cherish the experience of holding something in my hand as I hear from someone I may not even know but who shares the same interest in postcards and/or Artist Trading Cards like I do.

The occasional letter never fails to make me smile.  And even when the contents of the envelope is something I’m actually expecting, I always look at the stamps affixed to the envelope which are, in themselves, a gift from the postman.

I’m getting ready for the weekend.  And like most of our previous vacations, I’m all set with my address labels, stamps, and I’m even taking along some long-delayed postcards I had meant to mail awhile back.  (This happens a lot when you’re always mailing stuff out — sheer volume sometimes causes these lapses.)  I’m going to seriously work on catching up during the vacation where I know I’ll have enough down time to actually write leisurely. 

I didn’t realize until around a week ago that I never uploaded the postcards I had sent home during our first trip to Lake George during the Fourth of July weekend of 2010.  I sent home a total of 14 postcards.  I like the fact that Lake George has quite a tourist draw, so anything tourist-related gets a lot of attention.  They had more than enough postcard racks to pick from, and I’m hoping that three years hence, they have new ones I can add to my collection.  Although this is our third trip to Lake George, we went during the winter for our second trip and the town was literally closed for the season.  We had stayed at an indoor waterpark then so it didn’t matter that it was freezing out.

It’s a small and quaint town, but there is a lot to do.  Whether you go as a group of friends, a couple or as a family, they have many things to keep everyone entertained and busy.  I hope to find some antique shops this time around.

We’ll be on the road on Wednesday, and we’re returning by Saturday.  I’m hoping my asthma abates by the time we get there.  Today was a bit of a struggle but I’m coughing with more ease.  Still, the whole exercise of trying to cope with the difficulty in breathing leaves me feeling exhausted.  I’m going to give the polymer clay a break tonight.  I have to try and store them away for when I return.  (I do hope to do an update on the craft blog here.)

I can’t wait to send off my stamps affixed on postcards and letters heading here, there, and everywhere.