Blog Trails (or where Pinay New Yorker has been straying into)

I used to have a blogroll on my widget bar but had dropped that after a while when the people whose blogs I had been reading started going offline.  Life happens — I get it.  And I really didn’t make bloghopping a priority or even an interest so I figured I better take it off.

It didn’t help that people started writing about doing a link exchange which wouldn’t be a problem if they truly read my blog or if I did read theirs, so being selective led me to decline the link exchanges.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do find a cetain thrill in seeing my blog in blogs followed or blogs read when I hop into a blog of someone who has left a comment here,  but again, as the idea is to write for my own consumption, it’s a side, not a main thrill.

My being part of the wordpress community via The Daily Post, though, has made me more curious about other blogs out there, specifically fellow-Pinoys who blog and participate in the WordPress community like I do.

Earlier this week, I decided I would start doing this more regularly — at random. I had started “BLOG TRAILS” as an individual page in a previous iteration of this blog, but I’m ressurrecting it now as a blog category. I have around a half dozen blogs I visit regularly just to keep tabs on old blog friends. I’m so happy, for one, that Jher is back — and I’m hoping that Jerome, comes back soon, too.

We’re coasting through I-87 (the New York State Thruway) on our way home, and I’ll start my first Blog Trails post tomorrow if not Monday. Time to sign off for now.

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