Sitting quietly in Bryant Park

It was that kind of day — I was totally exhausted when I walked out half an hour earlier than my usual 6pm. I thought I’d grab a treat — it wasn’t that hard to decide which one. It’s a lovely day to walk through Bryant Park today, and it was even made more pleasant by my techy pal, Tomy. (No, that’s not a typo — he spells his name with an “m”.). We parted as he headed down to Grand Central, and I bought my treat and found a seat here at the park. It’s pleasant and a tad cloudy, with a good crowd but I didn’t have a problem trying to find a seat.
Friday Red Velvet Whoopie Pie from Crumbs in Bryant Park
I just needed a break to breathe. It’s a perfect evening to just sit quietly and enjoy the buzz of the rush hour traffic at the end of the day mingling with the different languages floating around me. I can sit here until the sun fully sets but someone is waiting for Mama at home.
My whoopie pie up close
Well the jazz band just started playing and I really need to get on my way.

I was about to end this post when I saw this heartwarming plate on the seat across from me:
Bryant Park seat plate
Read it upclose.. I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your face as it did on mine..

Bryant Park: Denise's Place
Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday into Friday in 5 minutes

Thursday to Friday Blog GraphicI’ve had this window open for most of the evening and here I am finally getting ready to head off into la-la land.

I had to stay home today to take care of the mother-in-law and of course, Angelo.  My caregiver called in sick.  As it was easier for me to take a day off, I promptly called in my “emergency time off” card.  And just as I couldn’t do anything when I got the 7:30-ish text from my caregiver saying she wouldn’t be able to come in, I guess the boss had no choice but to just be his usual self-sufficient self sans his ever dependable Executive Assistant today.

I tried to avoid logging on to do any work except for the end of the day.  I was, after all, supposed to be off.  I didn’t ask to work from home.. I actually gave a day for this.

We capped the day with a light dinner at the neighborhood Mickey D’s, picked up some odds and ends at the Asian store then headed home.

I just got some news from home which makes me wish there weren’t 10,000 miles between New York and Manila.  Alas, it is more than just 10,000 miles — it’s work, home, Angelo.  So the 10,000 miles stays.