Minutes after midnight — a five minute post

Here we go again… another  Sunday and another weekend ended.

I really should be sleeping but a few minutes towards the ending of “Michael Clayton”, I violent cough rocked my chest and I can still feel the ruckus it caused internally.  From out of the blue.

I had given up on posting despite two or even three drafts I had started through the course of the weekend, but I wanted to end the day and the weekend right.

I feel like I accomplished enough.  Had a hair cut (still wondering when I can do a pic — something not too radically different from my avatar but still different in one way or the other.)

Started a GRATITUDE JOURNAL I will write about tomorrow.  (Yes, another one — me and my journals.)

I have felt a renewed determination to lose weight after I tried out clothes at Tanger, the Outlet, last Saturday.  Not for lack of any clothes that fit, but having to say no to some pieces I wanted to get because my love handles were bursting out of the seams literally was quite a disappointment.

It was rather heartening, though, to see that I haven’t grown past my current size, so while I haven’t achieved any substantial weight loss, I haven’t gained.  (I’m trying to find the positive in all this…)

I did 10 episodes of “Orange is the New Black”.

Time’s up and I need my beauty sleep.  Here’s to a great week ahead for everyone…


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