Blog Trails: September 3, 2013

It’s been a busy day — and tomorrow will be busy again, but I thought I’d finally start this category and get it going. So where did the Pinay New Yorker land today?

First stop was Mati’s Like Reading on Trains, and today’s response to the Daily Post’s blog prompt: Many a Possibility: Daily Prompt – Blogger with a cause”. I like Mati’s take on everyday life back home. And did I mention how I love his blog header? I HAVE to get me a similar pic next time I find myself on an MRT ramp!

Sometime during the day I got my “Lou” fix at Taking a Deep Breath and saw her latest photographs of hummingbirds in midflight — just as they were landing on a birdfeeder. (Not only does she have the fancy cam, but she has the eye for it as well.)

And the last stop while on the bus was the Etsy blog where this article on
3 Clever Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business
 got me hooked by the first strategy which goaded me to be a unicorn. (Bet you that will make you curious enough to click on the link. Ha!)

Alas, that’s it for me until later tonight. When things aren’t crazy busy, I have a few other blogs I visit which I will share here. I didn’t even get to draft a post for the day until I plopped down on my comfy seat on the express bus home.

I have some paper-piecing to do tonight for someone’s first birthday invite. (I love you, Andeng!!). I’m steps away from home and I haven’t quite made up my mind about what I’m having for dinner… Hmmmm. I’m thinking Shrimp… And some Harry and David fancy relish. (I have three in my pantry.)

Let’s all be unicorns, indeed!