Weekend drive through the Lower East Side

It was sort of a last minute plan tying up a trip to my hair salon downtown and then hieing off to New Jersey for Max’s Fried Chicken.   What started out as a rainy day eventually turned into a sunny one which made the drive more pleasant.  On the way back, I snapped the pictures below with my blackberry (camera was left in another purse) as we drove through the Lower East Side back to our side of the city.


I have vowed to myself that I will one day watch a movie here.  This greets us after emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel and we find ourselves on Canal Street.  I tried taking pictures but was unable to, largely because the traffic was heavy on both sides and I just couldn’t get a shot in.

The diagonal orientation here was done on purpose and is something easier to do given that I’m shooting from the passenger side.  I have a couple of shots in my albums depicting the tight streets in this fashion which, I think, gives it a different perspective and a little more drama.

Driving through the Lower East Side - 1

This is my favorite of all the shots I took and is one of three that I managed to save as we idled at a stoplight.  I love the way this mural has evolved, considering its different versions through the years.  Seeing it, though, made me regret not having brought my camera along for a higher-definition photograph.  Still, how lucky could I get?


Finally, before we headed on up to the bridge taking us from Manhattan to Queens, I found an opportunity to take a snapshot of this abandoned building which has been “decorated” with all these street art — giving it a different character but still a character all its own.

I hope you enjoyed our quick drive through the lower east side.