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Sunday Summary

(I don’t know what the appeal of using the day of the week as part of the blogpost title is but I just can’t shake it.)

I’ve spent the last hour (or so) conditioning and playing with some polymer clay or polyclay for short — and I just couldn’t stop.  I would’ve opened more blocks of clay but my unconditioned polyclay is in a box at the bottom of a 4-box tall pile of stuff I set aside as we made room for a new sofa.  I am going to get to that box this week, but tonight, I just yearned for the comfort of rolling clay between the palms of my hands.  I found two earth-tone shade I have an idea for, and I started experimenting with one open block.  It didn’t really get me anywhere, but I had to consciously stop to make myself stop.  You know how when you’re working on something you want to just keep on going and going?  Until I decided I wanted to blog, and then hopefully turn in.

I’m all set, actually.  I just need to lay my head on the pillow. Well, after I put away my laptop, of course, and I plug the handhelds so that they can charge through the evening and make sure the alarms are set to the right time.

The weekend was productive. We managed to carry out the old sofa to the dumpster, fix the new one (awaiting its slipcover which the delivery boys and the store are arguing about I heard –) and I’m thinking of making or better yet, buying some throwpillows to grace our warm and cozy sofa.

I pulled off another lobster lunch today despite my former declaration that I wouldn’t do a lobster meal in a long while because of the production it entailed.  But after seeing that a 1 1/4 pounder was only 11 points on Weightwatchers, I’m sure I’m going to eat my words.  (And the lobster, of course.)  Besides, it was on sale from $7.99/lb to $4.99.  My three lobsters cost me just a wee bit over $24.  That’s a lobster meal in a decent restaurant!  And just one lobster, mind you…

I could’ve done more, but I think I didn’t do too badly.  Homework was done by Saturday evening which is a relief.  I restocked my pantry with the essentials, notably with more WeightWatchers goodies.  And although I’ve indulged in some treats, I’ve been good.  I have enough points to get to tomorrow and weigh day on Tuesday.  Unless the lobster packs on a pound or two onto my love handles, I think I’m on track for a pound ot two lost this week.  =)

If there wasn’t work tomorrow and if the urge to blog didn’t hit me, I’d still be rolling out the polyclay.  I spent a lot of time browsing designs over the weekend, trying to get ideas. Crafting has always been very therapeutice for me.

I’m trying to clear my head as I pray and think of a solution or an answer to a question I’m in the middle of threshing out in my pretty little head.  Prayer can be as simple as just letting my heart and mind be still and immerse myself in the silence. And in that silence a thousand words are said.

I think of conversations in my head.  Yesterday, I received a reply to a letter I had sent via the usual postal route from dear Gina.  My FB icon lit up on my blackberry and there was her response.  I was walking to the car at the time after lunch with the boys.  It is always good to hear from friends, more so at a time when you find yourself reaching out to others who just brush off the greetings or ignore them. I’m trying not to take it personally, but I am taking note.  Sometimes being the queen of the benefit of the doubt can be a tired excuse to avoid the reality that people sometimes prefer to be left alone.  (Or that they don’t want to hear from you, so stop making a pest of yourself, Dinna.)   I have to remind myself that I do the same to others who I prefer not to have in my life at the moment.

I miss my sister.  I’m praying for an answer.  I know it will come.

One of the hardest part about being 10,000 miles away from everyone else who matters to me is that it’s not as easy as telling her let’s go home together, or let’s stop by this restaurant and have dinner.  We did that a lot when I was still back home.

Have to hit the sack now… it’s almost midnight.. and Monday is waiting to begin.