Food trip: Thanksgiving at Seasons 52

We decided to go simple this Thanksgiving and we went out to have lunch in Long Island for a change. Alan picked Seasons 52. They had a series of flatbread appetizers and Alan picked the Spicy Chipotle Shrimp flatbread which was something new and memorable. The flat bread isn’t quite “nacho thick” but the flavors more than made up for the ultra think “wafer-like” crust.

Thanksgiving 2013 at Seasons52

We aren’t really that much into turkey so it wasn’t suprising that we all passed up on the Thanksgiving offerings. Instead, I zeroed in on the lamb chops which were flavorful without totally removing the gaminess of the meat. Thanksgiving 2013 at Seasons52 Dessert was another treat. I picked two of their mini-cups and I loved the dulce de leche and the pecan pie taster. Gloriously sinful! Thanksgiving 2013 at Seasons52

Thanksgiving 2013 at Seasons52 A simple yet delicious Thanksgiving feast. I hope yours had you being thankful for all the blessings you have received.

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