2 thoughts on “A sunrise speaking of hope

  1. You’ve always been in my mind, you and Angelo but I want you guys to enjoy every moment you have there. Thanks for posting this. Oh, now am so filled with nostalgia. I just so want to be spending my holidays with my family and friends there now in Baguio. Did you listen to the band? A group of doctors from Baguio has organized a band and when I was there they were singing at the Manor. Am glad that you guys were able to get away. Have a safe trip back to the US.


  2. Dear Lou —

    I might’ve caught a glimpse of them playing that evening but we were on our way up to the suite to have dinner (walked to Dencio’s at the strip mall down the road.) Doctors, huh? I wish we could’ve stayed longer… but one night was worth the trip.. Hope you have a happy new year!

    Dinna & Angelo


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