Happy new year!

I arrived last night from a two and a half week vacation in Manila which, as always, was far too short but quite the celebration of family and friends. It was toned down for the most part as I chose to stay home and spend more time with my Mom. Angelo got to spend a lot of time with his cousins, as I allowed him to sleep over at my brothers so he could enjoy his Ate Julia, his cousin and best bud Art and new cousin, Adrianna. He kept crying as we walked out to the plane taking us to Hong Kong from Manila and again as we boarded the flight from Hong Kong to New York.

My shoulders are killing me, probably from the exhaustion of the whole trip plus having to lug my hand carry luggage. (Trying to resist grabbing pain killers as it’s tolerable for now.)

We arrived last night in time to make the 9pm reservation for a New Year’s Eve dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Erawan.  I spent the rest of the night unpacking, and I managed to empty three of the four huge suitcases we carried.  (Quite  a feat considering the trip.)

I tried not to give in to the urge to sleep through the morning as we go back to work tomorrow, and the little boy has school.  (Bummer!)  If it weren’t for the pain on my shoulders, I would have stayed on my feet all morning unpacking the last two pieces of luggage I still have to sort through.

How was your New Year’s eve?

I’ll save the wishes and reflections for a later post.  I just want to start the year right with a New Year’s greeting from the Pinay New Yorker as we welcome 2014.