Purple Hearts and Vintage Books

I spent part of the weekend sitting at my little craft corner. I think I managed to move a few things, find my pasta machine (for the polymer clay), gather up my polymer clay stash, even tried to run some scraps through the machine. I attempted a stroppel cane but didn’t quite get anywhere and I think what I came up with was nowhere near what a stroppel cane should look like. (So I guess I’ll try again.)

I didn’t quite get to the jewelry making although most of my supplies are within arm’s reach. I need to reorganize the bits and pieces that are out in the open and get them in the proper organizer box. (Might try tonight.)

Purple HeartMeanwhile, over my lunch break, I managed to condition and mold these two polymer clay hearts in purple. Pretty. =) I have had this project brewing in my little brain to create hearts to be made into pendants and pins to raise funds for Tacloban. They are trying to get up on their feet but are nowhere near it, and this is going to be a long-term effort. I’m inspired by the efforts of Dr. Ron Lehocky with the Heart Pin Project he’s been running for years for the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. For now, it’s a thought.

Over the weekend I was at Strand Bookstore where I managed to grab five antique books in their outdoor bargain book shelves while waiting for my stylist.  I wanted to stay longer and browse some  more but time was up.  I will write about this separately and just wanted to pique your interest by showing you this haul:

My Vintage Book Haul from Strand Bookstore

My original intention really was to pick up books whose pages I can use for crafting since vintage book pages are all the rage.  I picked up one in French (which is so brittle that its pages are crumbling in my hands) and two in German.  The first appealed to me because of the language, the second because of the typeface.  There was another interesting book in German which, again, appealed to me because of the typeface.  Then I saw a 1915 print of “The New Poems of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning”.  And then there was a book of Irish Love stories that had a pretty border on each page.  That plus the fact that love stories would mean words I might be able to use for blackout poetry.  Five books, $10.00 for the entire haul.  Book heaven!

So my week has begun.  How has yours been so far?

It’s been very cold in New York although I’m biting my tongue on whining about the weather since I’m sure other parts, like Lou’s, are probably getting hit with more snow and even colder temperatures.  Can you believe we’re halfway through February?  Well, almost. 

February 14, 2014.  That can be written as 2/14/2014  — double pairs of 2s and 14s.. Hmmmm… My brain stops there.  Let me leave you with that.