Food Trip: Bistro Citron for Brunch

We were supposed to go to this place for our Valentine’s Day dinner, just the two of us, but thanks to the snow and all — he didn’t get back from Dallas until midday Saturday.  Since we already lost out on one day of the long weekend, we relented when Angelo said he didn’t want to be left behind, and turned it instead to a family brunch.

Bistro Citron, “a French bistro in the heart of Roslyn Village” in Long Island, is a short drive from our home in the opposite direction of the city.  This village is special because it was the same place where we got married 14 years ago.  Although we got married in the summer, seeing the town again all decked in snow and the other signs of winter was a walk down memory lane.  We didn’t quite get as far as the venue where it all took place — but this was the town.

When we got seated, the place was full — good thing we had reservations.  We were seated right under this vintage glass ceiling which was as French as it could get.  The ambiance was warm and we were greeted by the host and the staff warmly.

Brunch came with a mimosa which I enjoyed with the bread before the meal. I picked a Reisling originally to go with my mushroom omelette (below) but they were out, so I went for the rose instead.  Their portions are rather generous which made for a good meal which had me full for quite a bit.  The omelette with the bacon, sausage and potatoes was indeed very filling.
Food trip: Bistro Citron
Alan picked the poached eggs with salmon which looked sumptuous as it was. He was complaining the muffin underneath was rather hard and overdone toast-wise, but that is necessary for the bread to hold the poached egg which would tend to make the bread soggy.
Food trip: Bistro Citron
The highlight, though, was their delectable Bananas Foster which came in a phylo cone and was  served with hazelnut ice cream.  The bananas on top were coated with caramelized sugar which gave it a nice crunch.
Food trip: Bistro Citron

It was a good way to spend a Sunday on a long weekend.  We’re not going anywhere for Angelo’s winter break but that’s just fine.  Projects need to be worked on and I have to catch up with work.

I’ll take the break and enjoy it, and wish the snow away.  Maybe we’ll go back to Bistro Citron again soon.Food trip: Bistro Citron

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