Jeepney Stories

Since I joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been posting my jeepney snapshots under a series I entitled #jeepneystories . I have enjoyed editing the photos to be Instagram-savvy (love those filters and my PictureBlur app) and I have put a few blurbs just to put the picture in context and literally write a really short jeepney story to accompany each picture.

I started taking pictures of jeepneys in earnest around 2009. It’s a little difficult standing on the sidelines on the road (even with my smaller than your typical DSLR cam… it’s DSLR-like, not a DSLR), so most of my photographs were taken while I was in another vehicle.  There were a few rare instances when I wrapped the strap around my arm and took shots in succession quickly in front of Quiapo.  I have never been able to do that again but look forward to trying the next time I’m home.

Doing this photo series brings me back home. It also exposes me to many kababayans on Instagram.  Some non-Filipinos must be attracted more by the color and the shots itself than the significance of the photos themselves and have “liked” my pictures.  I’m flattered.  But it’s a series I intend to keep doing.  With any luck, I have enough shots between 2009 and the last trip home (December 2013) to keep the series going until the next trip home.

If you’re on Instagram, try following me there where I am as GothamChick.

Jeepney Stories collage 1

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