Newspapers on a Saturday morning

I find it such a waste of a reading opportunity that despite a daily access at work to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, the best I can do is scan the headlines and look at the front page photo occasionally. So I’ve been trying to widen my reading, even if selectively, by pulling out sections which I tuck into my tote in the hopes of grabbing a few minutes to read in the bus or at home.

I finally pulled out what’s been in there a week now and read. No, I shied away from the headline news which is what I rely on TV and Twitter for. (And the only news Twitter Feed I am subscribed to is The New York Times.). I look at the lighter side of life like the art and the movies and what’s going on in my city.

I really should be reading more. Even with the digital access to so much reading, I am still partial to the printed paper versions. I spent a bit of time yesterday at Strand Books off of Union Square after getting a haircut. Crowded from floor to ceiling with books of every possible genre and from a wide range of publication dates, it was book heaven.
Book heaven at Strands Union Square.. I can browse here all day but had to go home.  Wall to wall and floor to ceiling.. Can't wait to go back.  Happy Friday, everyone... #happyfriday #bookheaven #strandbookstore #strandnyc #strandunionsquare #bookstore m
My favorite, though, are the shelves of books outside in the sidewalk where their bargain books are sold for anywhere from $1-5 each. If you have the patience and time to spare, you are sure to find something that will see you walking to the cashier to ring up a purchase in the store. Of course I was there not just for the reading but for crafting possibilities. I am scouting for a second book to alter and more crafting and blackout poetry possibilities.

Crafting-wise, I wanted to grab a ca. 70s dictionary for the prints and paper but I changed my mind because it was heavy. I did come upon a 1931 anthology of love poems (for blackout poetry) and a book on Britain which was not quite coffee table book size but bigger than your usual hard bound book. The pictures and the paper appealed to me and it looked like it was sewn in the spine and not just glued on like the newer books which made for a better altered book.

But the books can wait.  I wanted to read my newspapers.. and read I will.