Daily Prompt: My daily toil

Daily Prompt: How do you feel about your job? Do you spring out of bed, looking forward to work? Or, is your job a soul-destroying monotony of pure drudgery, or somewhere in between?

From my first job as a radio newscaster back in the early 90s while trudging through law school to my current job, I must say I’ve been very lucky to have acquired the skills I did along the way.  I’ve gone after the jobs I thought suited me well, got paid well for them and have jumped into the rat race and out and still feel quite happy where I am.

So there — I do look forward to work and I’m proud of it.  I toil five days a week as the Executive Assistant to one of the top honchos of a Fortune something something in its field.  I’ve been on the so-called Executive floor for 7 of my 10 (now almost 11) years with this company, and I’ve had the pleasure and honor of serving three top executives during that run.

The current boss is considered a rock star in the company and I’ve been lucky that he rocks as a boss as well.  We had a rough start almost three years ago, but we’ve gotten into a very good rhythm that makes me look forward to Mondays and doesn’t see me craving for the weekend by the middle of the week.  I work long hours, yes, but I consider that part of the job description, and I do get paid well for the trouble.  Of course I wish I was paid more, but in this economy, we should really count our blessings.  I do get the occasional call from recruiters looking for executive assistants for c-level executives like the ones I’ve partnered with, but it’s a little tough beating my current work arrangements given the way the market is.  (Too much competition from equally qualified jobhunters who can dive salary-wise, so we always hit a snag when I tell them what salary range would make me jump ship.)

I must admit there are days when I miss not having to dress up for work and being able to go with jeans on an every day basis — not that I have to look like a fashionista, but there is a certain dress code I abide by.  (More so on the floor.)  I also think of moving up or doing something else, but then I have to think long and hard about plunging myself into a career again — chasing after deadlines, stressing over projects, and working even longer hours.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

My boss doesn’t even know I have a law degree — something I don’t need to proclaim as I do my daily duties.  I’ve said time and again, it’s always easier to “dumb down” rather than try to appear wiser or smarter than you really are.  It’s like being exceptionally good at the easier job rather than constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to more challenging things.

I like that the world won’t stop turning if I decide to go on an extended vacation to Manila — and that there are no projects that I need to stress over while I take the morning off to watch my son perform in school.  And yet I’ve distinguished myself as smart and good at what I do enough to know that I have earned the tag “hard to replace” considering “indispensable” is not exactly true of anyone in the workforce today.

I’m fortunate to have the latest gadgets to help me perform my job well — from an iPhone 5S to whatever else I need to be an effective assistant.  Plus how can you argue when the view I see outside is this gorgeous portrait of the Manhattan midtown cityscape..?  I should be so lucky…
Happy Monday, New York!  23 floors above my usual view.  Cold but not quite as cold as we thought it would be. Good morning, everyone! #ny #nyc #newyork #manhattan #mynewyork #happymonday #goodmorning #ilovenewyork #cityscape #monday #mgviewfrom23 #nypl #

Making a wish

It’s been relatively quiet over the weekend. Nothing special or eventful — I did manage to recharge and rest. Even took a nap or two — the exhaustion of the previous week has caught up with me, and I’m ready for another round.

I continue with experimenting with my beads (rather unsuccessfully) — had some quiet home dinners of pizza and pasta. Had the time to work on my journal and dream of trips nearer to where I am. I am trying to find a place easily accessible by bus or train, yet near enough to allow a day trip/adventure on my own.

I wish..

My entry today for my journal was a simple line — “We used to think that making a wish would make things right.. and then we grew up.” Isn’t that so true? When life was simpler, we closed our eyes to make a wish and then we relied on luck and life in general to work its magic and give it to us. Or we prayed so hard to get that which we wished for. Until we realized that wishing and life don’t necessarily hold each others’ hands throughout the journey.

My wish today? Can we skip to May? Can you believe I’m turning 48 in a couple of days? I feel old that I don’t. I see those I knew as young children now getting ready to get married. Or now going to the prom. My own little tyke is now an almost tween — a few years early than his numerical age. And yet when I look into his eyes, I see my baby.. He will forever be my baby.

On my way homeI’ve been trying to establish a semblance of being anchored again to the ground instead of spinning in a free fall like I have been doing the last six months.  Looking at my son and thinking of him helps me to grab onto something that is mine and is true and pure.

I get so amused when he tells me I can buy whatever I want within his bank balance.  I keep telling him I just want a string or two of pearls to make into a necklace — or better yet, something he made.  I guess he wants to feel like he really bought me something and I sense a hint of disappointment when I insist on the pearls because he wants to get me something fancier.

Fancy can wait for when he can get me the real diamonds he wants to get me.  He asks me how much they could cost… I said, I don’t really care.

I wish his heart will always be pure and true as it is right now.  I guard that happiness with a ferocity only a mother would know.  I have done things I never thought I was capable of in the name of my son… and I would do that all over again and more.

Another wish.. so I close my eyes, but more than wish, I pray.

Like every morning when I pray for him… and I entrust him into God’s loving care as I go about my day and he goes to school.

For now, I will let him make the wishes and believe they can come true.  He’ll grow up and realize there’s more to wishing soon enough.  Let it come when it comes…