Accepting when it’s time to give up

Time to give upWe humans are stubborn by nature.  I know I am.  I have always been armed with a ton of optimism and hope, even when my better judgment seemed to scream at me to go or look the other way.  But there is more to life than logic and what others say or think. There is your heart.  And if you’re like me, you tend to follow it more so when you feel the message from above is to go this way or that.

Against all odds.

Even when it starts looking like the choice you made may have been wrong.  Or that the choice you made is not working out.

I am at that juncture when I keep asking myself if I should just admit that perhaps, it is time to give up.  It’s like how I’ve been working on experimenting with polymer clay for quite a while now… and I have not really achieved anything much besides learning the ropes.  Not for lack of effort, but my world is moving in so many directions even taking the time to create designs has been hard to find.  So is it time to give up?

I am usually the last one to succumb to feeling bereft of hope.  There IS always hope, I’ve said time and again.  And there are other considerations besides what I think should be the parameters of my decision.  It goes beyond me and my little world.

I used to think that giving up is admitting defeat, or succumbing to defeat — but I’ve started to see it as something akin to acceptance and just realizing there are things that you aren’t meant to have even if you think you deserve it.  GIving up might actually be a winning move because it means acceptance of reality instead of hoping for something that had long been gone or torn apart.

I watched “Noah” the movie last week and one line in the movie resonated with me more than the grandiose production and special effects which made it quite a visual spectacle — Noah said “Some things just cannot be unbroken.”  So you cannot put it back together, and it becomes something you need to learn to live with — or not.   You have to choose whether to keep trying or just learning to accept that it is time to give up.