Daily Prompt: When will I be loved?

DAILY PROMPT: Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!

UntitledI’d be lying if I say I’ve never dreamt or imagined what it would be like to be famous.  Even when I was younger, I thought how it would be to be singing on the stage — problem was, I can carry a tune but my voice isn’t the type that would make people buy anything.  Never as an actress or actor — I knew right from the start, that wasn’t my niche.  Blogging?  I, too, drool over the stats and the great blogs I see online.  I tried for a time to “chase the audience” so to speak, but I lost my voice and it just wasn’t me writing anymore.

I read books and wonder if I could write something like that.  Maybe.  And now I know why people stop their lives and dedicate themselves to writing.  You have to. I wish I could think of something as profound as the plots of the books we read, or that I could just think about those devious story lines that make bestsellers.

Writing figures prominently in my dreams.  Writing that blog of profiles and stories — or writing that story for a novel one day.

I’m just not in a position to chase either one right now.  The last few months have been life changing for me, and I am once again just floating in space.  It’s that kind of a rut that you just can’t shake off because it’s not only you controlling whether it stays or goes.  It’s that state of being that drives you to your knees to pray.

Maybe that’s what I will write about one day.  Just not now.  So I’m postponing “famous” for another time.  With some luck, it’ll happen during my lifetime.