Friday Five

One thing that I’ve found true is that making a list helps me to focus on things I need or want to do, and it helps me to feel I have accomplished something when I see what I’ve actually ticked off the list come Monday.

Why five? It’s a reasonably small number and easily doable. If I end up doing all then I can always do more, and if I end up doing only some, those left undone will not leave me feeling like my weekend was an epic failure. Plus 5 has always been my favorite number. Reasonable goal, no stress.

Weekends should really be a time to relax and recharge, and I’m making a list to help me do that. So I’m hoping to start a new habit of making my list every Friday, and hopefully making my life a little easier. There are little things like this that can help us move forward in a bigger way and that’s what I’m trying to do for myself. Here’s my Friday five:

1. Mail my letter to L, send out a postcard.

2. Write an art journal entry.

3. Finish and list at least one item on Etsy.

4. Go through the contents of the fridge and throw out the stale stuff.

5. Take out the spring/summer footwear.

At first glance, the list may seem trivial but the tasks should not be difficult to accomplish. You must be realistic about your list for the week so that you can actually accomplish something, instead of the weekend passing you by with nothing done. It is not so much the tasks alone but the fact that you get to accomplish something. Try it!

Happy Friday, everyone!