My Friday Five

On the way to work, a “bus mate” got on the bus from his usual stop and I couldn’t help but take a hard look at his face because he seemed to be so angry at the world.  My seatmate who is a neighbor couldn’t help but notice, too, and she made a funny comment about how he looked so angry so early in the morning.  We were speaking in the vernacular, and I whispered to her the young man was Filipino, too.  But he did look so angry.  Or maybe he was just having a bad morning.  Then I thought I have bad mornings, too, but I try to smile, or I try to get out of that rut early in the morning to make it easier to carry during the day. 

That can make such a big difference when things aren’t working out as you were hoping they would.

I told my friend that back when I was in grade school, my family lived on the San Juan side just beyond Greenhills, and I went to school in St. Paul College of Pasig.  Every morning, I made sure that by the time the car crossed EDSA, I would look towards the traffic coming from the south and smile.  I’d hold that smile until I got off the car.  Back then it was more for the wrinkles I was trying to prevent, and so that I could start afresh before I started my day in school.

Smile.  As they used to say, it’s free — it doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Here’s a new Friday Five.  So last week I got some done — and that wasn’t bad at all.   This week will be a little different because we’re driving to Washington DC with some cousins from Manila to see other cousins there and visit the nation’s capital.  Still, there are things that need to be put on the list.

1. Write G. And maybe C..  As those who read regularly probably know by now, I’m one of the few trying to keep the post office relevant and in business in this day and age of electronic this and that.  I’m trying to write regularly and have finally sent out the letter to L.  I am getting there!

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop. (Won’t have time to finish a piece but can certainly relist.)

3. Wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.. This I intend to do on the road as I’ve been able to do it on the bus, with my crochet hook and wire on hand.  I can save the actual wrapping for later.

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.  That blog has been languishing the last couple of weeks with nary a peep from me.  And not for lack of anything creative to do!

5. Send postcards home to Angelo from the trip.  This is how I’ve been documenting our travels  through the years, and while this is our nth visit to DC, there are always postcards to send and new things to write.

Hope you’re having a good Friday wherever you are — here’s to a great weekend for us all.

It was a cloudy morning but another sunrise is always reason to be grateful for another day… Happy Friday, everyone! #mynewyork #sunrise #happyfriday #weekend #grateful


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