My Friday Five

I didn’t quite to do much over the past week and my Friday Five so I’m able to tick off only number 3 and 5 from last week’s list.  As that is the case, this week’s Friday Five stays pretty much the same with a tweak or two.

Last Week’s:

1. Write G. And maybe C..

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop.  

3. Wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.

5. Send postcards home to Angelo from the trip. 

This week’s Friday Five:

1. Send more postcards out (and maybe a letter).. I did send out postcards but not all that I wanted to.  I have at least 4 postcards I’m hoping to send out this week.

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop.  I might even actually get to list new items as my number three last week has gotten me into a creative frenzy.

3. 20140509-103855.jpgContinue to wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.. I actually didn’t get to do much on the road but I got a lot done over the course of the week

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.  Hmmmmmm.

5. Go back to my Art Journal Every Day entries this weekend and hopefully do some journaling.  There just hasn’t been enough time and energy to give into art journaling lately but I am hopeful that I will manage a post or two this weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!