Words on Clouds

I’ve been blogging in my head. You know how sentences meant to be written and read form in your mind and you wish you could type them up but can’t. Maybe because you’re washing the dishes or putting on make up or stringing beads. And you wish you’d remember that sentence when you finally find the opportunity, many hours or days after.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I’ve thought about verbally dictating them to one of my handhelds.  Still no progress on that front.  Don’t you wish you could hit a “save” button and pull it up later like you would from your hard drive?  That plus a “delete” or “archive” button.  My dreams have been exhausting me lately.  Where I would normally crave for that extra five minutes more in bed, now I get up when I wake up because I’m afraid that the dream will come back. That isn’t all that bad because it means I don’t end up lingering in bed. The thing is, the anxiety sticks with me.

Let it go, I tell myself. But “it” refused to let me go.

I’ve been stuck with this blogpost since Monday. I usually start and finish a post in one sitting. That should give you an idea about my state of mind. I’ve been keeping myself busy at work and have been trying to actually accomplish things. I haven’t quite gone very far with last week’s Friday Five but I have half the week more to go.

My body is aching to surrender to sleep after a workout at the gym today but my mind is wide awake.

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