Friday Five — We’re making progress

I know it’s a Saturday but I wanted to enjoy yesterday’s Fourth of July holiday.  (THAT felt like a real Saturday to me!)  Long weekends are precious when you work the weekdays.. even more so now that school’s out and Angelo is trying to enjoy the rest of summer.

I did manage to move on with last week’s Friday Five and I’m hopeful that next week will even show more progress.  So how did I do?

1. Finish the letters I had started and mail them off.. – This one will hopefully get ticked off the list or reported on with some amount of progress next week. I have my stationery!  (Created by yours truly.)

2. Create a new ‘Thank You’ card for the Etsy shop. Done!
Thank you cards for the etsy shopSelling on Etsy is a whole production even if it’s on a one-woman-business-scale like mine. You have to put the extra effort to create a full customer experience, and as a buyer on Etsy myself, I’ve found great satisfaction in receiving a proper thank you even if it’s just a short hand-written note scribbled on the receipt printed off of the system.  I chose 6 of my own photographs and produced a 3×4 print out on one side and a blank back with a paper background for me to write on.  It’s going to serve as my calling card cum thank you card until this batch runs out.

3. Continue art journaling and finish at least an additional layout at the end of the book for future posts.… As you can see it’s partially done — and I think the more important thing is that I’ve picked up my art journal again.

4. Finish the items already started and keep creating!   I have been sidetracked by a new method I’m trying to learn — hammering wire.  But I have continued creating during the week.

5.  Start doing mail art again.  This one got off to a good start, actually, and I’m trying to kick off a postcard project that will use the mail art I’m creating.  For now, I’m dealing mostly with backgrounds but hope to show what I’ve been doing in a short film to show maybe in a week or two.  (No promises.)

The coming week will hopefully give me more time to continue the creating.  I hate to admit that the creative juices have been flowing to distract myself from other pressing issues.  I don’t want to think that it is escapism, but rather my own means of coping.  I am thinking.. I am praying.. I am trying to work out the things that are crowding my head and my heart.

Art — even my own — has proven to be quite the balm my soul needs in times like this.  We all have our coping mechanisms.  These are mine.

I want to keep growing as a  person no matter what obstacles there may be.  I want to continue to be optimistic about life.  I am trying very hard to keep moving forward no matter how that may prove to be quite the struggle.

Here goes this week’s Friday Five:

1.  Write the letters and mail them.  Before I left for home Friday, I made sure to pack my stationery in my tote.  I have those letters to write!

2.  Keep posting in the Etsy Shop and keep the Etsy Group going!  I had been designated by the Etsy system as team captain for being one of the more senior members of the Fil-Am Etsy group.  That means creating treasuries (lists of products/stores you might like given a theme) and trying to get more Pinoys whether here or in Manila interested.

3.  Destash my supplies and magazines.  I want to be able to get rid of the things I o longer needed and to oroganize what I have and need.  I continue to do that with my jewelry making supplies and am making progress on that front.  Every week, I want to be able to feel like something had indeed moved.

4.  Box the clothes that Angelo is no longer using.  I have the box, I have the clothes, and hoping to put them away this weekend.

5.  Kick off my Thank You Project.  I wrote about this earlier here and have been trying to get the project started, although not officially off the ground.  It ties up many of the other things I’m trying to do like doing more mail art and going on about postcards — but I’m trying to do it in an organized fashion.  (I even have a blog ready to kick off with separate from this one.)  It’s one of those “pay-it-forward” kind of projects which involves doing something simple and hoping it starts a bit of good going.

That’s it for my Friday Five.  I have a headache that’s been bugging me since breakfast and I am getting ready to do lunch.  I don’t think I’m going to go anywhere.  My bed beckons.  (Yes, in the middle of the day.)  I don’t really feel like heading off anywhere either.

But lunch must be taken cared of.  (Spaghetti for the mother-in-law… I don’t know what the boys are up for.  They’re out doing errands.)  I hope to try some more hammering during this afternoon.. and maybe boxing (number 4 up on this week’s list.)

Moving on with the list…