Births, baptisms, weddings and even funerals. I like to think of them as beginnings. The beginning of life, of being a member of the Christian world, of a life of togetherness, and finally, of life in the hereafter.

I’ve always preferred beginnings to endings. It’s like looking at the glass half full rather than half empty. Or looking forward to the sunrise instead of dreading the darkness.

All these thoughts come at me as I was getting ready to attend a bridal shower for a niece of my husband’s. It was sort of a last minute invitation and was tacked on to a trip to visit relatives on the way home from a holiday. I can count the number of families I consider as relatives here on this side of the world, and I always find it a heartening experience to be here with this group of cousins.

A bridal shower gift for CarlaI created these freshwater pearl bangles for the bride-to-be which turned out to be a good choice because her color motif was red and gold. Not that they are meant to be worn at the wedding. I just find it a nice coincidence that I thought of that color and turns out it fit the theme. Similar individual bangles are available at the shop. I like to wear them stacked on groups of 2-4.

I also picked up two tins of tea, one of which was a “wedding tea” and a perfect accompaniment of honey tea. (Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures).

It was nice to do something different on a weekend, and to be with family.  We had just come from a week at Williamsburg in Virginia but I chose not to write about it during the trip for personal security considerations.  Many bloggers don’t take the precaution of holding back on being away from their homes when there are many digital predators who might be taking note of your status updates on the various social media channels out there.  More posts about that coming in the days to come.

For now, I just wanted to bask in that thought of a new beginning for my niece.  I was one of those asked to give advice, and I had one advice to her which was not to let anything get to her — and to keep in mind that this wedding is all about her, so she should stick to what she wants.

I will be at their wedding come end-September — and I look forward to being a witness to that union.  I love weddings in any size, shape or form.  It’s one of those magical things that happen before real life sets in.  A new beginning like I said.