Art Journal Every Day – Journal First Aid

Art Journal Every DayThis really started just as another spread painted in one color, and while I sometimes edit the background before starting to write, this layout needed major first aid with the pages falling apart from each other.  Masking tape to the rescue.  Of course, I wouldn’t leave it just like that, but I wanted to keep journaling instead of editing the page before writing.

The cut out of Angelo’s picture on the right came later, as well, as it’s a new picture of him taken during the first day of school.

Art Journal Every Day
Gold was my color of choice which I brushed on top of the masking tape and sort of “splattered” with the brush on the edges of the photo.  (Angelo was complaining about my doing that, but I told him it was to create a certain effect in the layout.)  I like how acrylic paint easily covers and adheres to masking tape although I think the drying time is a little longer than doing it just on plain paper.

I like acrylic over masking tape as a writing surface, though, as the pen glides through it nicely and it absorbs the ink just the same way.
Art Journal Every Day

So here’s the final page, with the entry written in another text direction.  I like doing that to separate the days when a spread accommodates several days.  I hate leaving blank spaces in my journal.

My journals are not quite as artistic or fantastic as most other art journals that make even me drool for its color and impact.  I am working with an altered book which in itself is still a work in progress, and I am enjoying creating layouts to later embellish or write on.  It is also different writing on a page you had created yourself instead of  being confined to plain journal pages.  Luckily, I am many weeks ahead of the actual journaling as far as the altered book is concerned, so I can choose to stick with plain journal entries (simply writing them) or embellish already existing backgrounds.

Some art journalers prefer to start from scratch and create the page, but it’s the writing more than the art that really draws me to the project, so I tend to be very text heavy instead of just “representative” of what I am feeling or thinking about in the art journal.

As they say, to each his own.  This is my journal, after all.


Missed Opportunities

On Friday nights, I usually end up watching if not at least “listening” to Girl Meets World, a staple on Angelo’s chosen programs to be watched “live” and not “on demand”.  I always pick up something worth quoting, but I don’t always get the chance to scribble it down to be able to quote it verbatim.  In last night’s episode, it’s not so much a sentence but a phrase.

“Missed opportunities.”

Two words.  Spawned a blog post just after I had hit “publish” on the post I had started writing Friday morning.  I don’t know why but those two words resonated with me and a torrent of related thoughts came rushing in.  I was only clearing the boy’s dinner and had caught part of the scene.

It made me pause and reflect on those missed opportunities when I could have actually maybe done something different — it leads to one “if” to another. Too many. But it helps us reflect on the things we missed out in terms of making some good of something. Those chances we had to make things right before they went wrong. Or those times we could’ve picked up on something and instead chose to ignore our instincts and let it go.

That’s why when Angelo asks to sit on my lap, even if I’m in the middle of something that makes it inconvenient (like cooking) or if I’d rather sit comfortably on the barstool in the kitchen or my work corner, I drop everything and let him. One day — not too soon, I hope — he will stop asking to do that. At the rate he’s growing up, I probably have a year or so before he’s too tall to sit comfortably on my lap facing me, hugging me like a toddler would. That won’t be a missed opportunity for me.

There will always be things that we might have a choice to go on with or not, people to befriend or not, people to let into our lives or not.. those we should let go of or not.. places to go to or not. And when we choose not to, we let go of the possibilities of what might have become of that. We find ourselves looking back at missed opportunities later on.

The thing is to learn from them instead of dwelling on the what-might-have-beens, and not to let a similar missed opportunity pass you by. Have you any missed opportunities you wish you hadn’t passed up on?