Friday Five (Returns)

I have been waking up at 4:30am the last couple of days for some reason.  Unfortunately, no matter how I try to “fight” it, I can’t quite go back to sleep and end up sliding out of bed by 5am.  This morning, I treated myself to a call to the siblings back home — and we had a few laughs and dizzying moments trying Viber Video Chat, but I had to give it up eventually because it might trigger my vertigo.  My nieces and nephew couldn’t keep the cam still!

So I’ve decided to bring back my Friday Five — an attempt at focusing on five tasks over the weekend, hoping to get things done.  (HOPING being the operative word.)  The idea is to keep the tasks simple and doable, and as specific as possible.  The last iteration didn’t quite live up to that so I sort of drifted away from it.  But as the blog post title says, Friday Five returns.

1.  Cut my flower embellishments for my Thank You Postcard Project.  I have had to deal with some major distractions the last couple of weeks but have continued to prep for that big pay-it-forward project I hope to do this fall.

2.  Finish the polymerclay earrings I had put together three weeks ago.  I know. Major slump with the production and the store, but the “beads” have been strung up and the dangles constructed.  Just need to put the earwire hooks and either give them away or post them in the shop.

3.  Paint the multi-window page I had cut out of my altered book.  I haven’t stopped art journaling although I’ve slowed down, but I’m happy with the pace I’ve been moving towards the end of the book with the backgrounds and all.  I picked up one of the word art embellishments I have and then designed a multi-page/multi-window layout.  Windows have been cut, so it’s time to start actually doing backgrounds.  At least 1 page painted over the weekend would be good.

4.  Mail the letter to GINA!!!  

5.  Start photographing my Starbucks mugs again.  I got a mug from Jordan!!!!

I’m looking forward to the weekend and hoping I can actually tick off some of the above if not all.  Meanwhile, I’m finishing another blog post which is taking a while because it’s a rather emotional post for me — writing about my siblings.

Busy weekend with some relatives in town.. but it’s a weekend, and although our company doesn’t observe Columbus Day (Monday), I’m still excited about what the weekend can bring.

Happy Friday, everyone!