Hello, again…

Looking up at the Empire State Building with its cloud-covered too this rainy day from 34th Street.  Missing the sunshine!! #empirestate #empirestatebuilding  #lookingup #34thstreet #mynyc #mynewyork #manhattan #skyscraperI was planning a half dozen posts over the Thanksgiving Weekend just passed, but they never saw the light of day.  There were many posts started but those never went anywhere.  I didn’t want to push it.  I was busy trying to do other things, and blogging was a wish that just wasn’t going anywhere.

I have five minutes until the 6:55 wake up call the boy requested, so I thought, might as well.

We’re days to ending 2014, can you believe that?  I can but it blows me away each time I stop and ponder on the fact that the year is ending.  Where did it go?  You keep wishing that you didn’t have to and yet you are grateful you are ending another year.  To me, even without thinking about what I had done or accomplished in the year that’s ending, the fact that a new one is coming our way gives me a sense of accomplishment.  The eternal optimist in me, perhaps?

I have learned a hundred and one lessons the past year.. more about myself than anything.  The first half of the year was the more challenging part — but I made it, I tell myself.  And the latter half was all about picking myself up and moving on.

I’m going to try and look to the first few posts of 2014 and see the goals and wishes I had set out and measure where I’ve gone in that respect.  I have failed miserably with the reading goals, for one.  But it is always good to set goals and keep our fingers crossed we meet them.

I did lose a lot of weight which is a personal accomplishment I am very proud of.  I like having gone down a size at the very least, and I am on this continuing journey to a better and healthier me.  But that’s getting ahead of myself.

You can see that I have a lot of things brewing in my mind, and I will have a lot of things to write about.  Work, motherhood and life, in general, just gets in the way.  (Story of my life!)

Four days into December and less than 30 days to 2015, I’m going to try and catch up.  How about you?

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