Friday Five: Keep it simple!

#FridayFiveSo it’s back — and I had actually posted this Thursday night on my Instagram account.  For those who just stumbled into my corner of the blogsphere, My Friday Five is a list of doable tasks to be done during the weekend or the week following.  I started doing this intermittently last year and hope to bring it back in 2015.  For this week’s Friday Five, here’s my list:

1. Write letters.

2. Finish 2015 graphic.

3. Put away extra Christmas cards and wrappers.

4. Create one piece of jewelry.

5. Pick five items to destash and give to someone else.

Make your own and you might find yourself more focused. Keep the list simple and choose things that you actually intend to do. Make the tasks achievable. The list is there as a scorecard and a reminder of what you have set out to do. Even if only one gets ticked off the list, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you go back to it day before the next Friday5. No pressure! It’s there to keep you focused on doable tasks.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

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