Skipped the snow

EmpireState2Jan2015No matter what they say, I miss my iPhone camera.  I haven’t been on Instagram because I don’t have the app, although I think I can manage an upload or post via the blackberry if I put my mind to it and the app I downloaded.  Unfortunately, the company software doesn’t allow s to go into the Instagram website because it’s an uploading site.

So there was just rain but no snow.  (Hooray!)

I couldn’t resist last night.  Q10 in hand, I snuck up to my favorite corner of our top floor and saw this.  It’s just about capturing the moment and not letting it get away.  We do too much of that — letting the chances we get or the opportunities that are given to us slip by.  And once it’s gone, it’s gone.  The next one that comes along, chances are, will never be the same again.  The good thing is, it might be even better.  Might.