Back to the keys

#ArtJournalEveryDay: cut out of Venus by Botticelli on an altered book page..  I've been listening over and over to Adele's version of "TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE" and I have been totally inspired by its haunting and sweet melody.. Thinking of my little guyI have been listening to Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s “TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE” over and over again, thinking of my big boy.  I’ve found inspiration in its haunting yet sweet melody, and today I made a decision to purchase the sheet music and look up rehearsal studios near my place of work so I can learn the piece.

Lots of flats but that never really intimidated me before, and the piece looks and sounds easy enough to learn.

I’ve been meaning to hit the keys again over time since I got here but I have never really gone beyond planning to find a rehearsal studio for starters.  I have even brought home some of my piano workbooks and pieces from Manila the last few times I went home for a visit, but they’re tucked away somewhere in the attic.  (Have to find them!)  I started taking piano lessons when I was 4.. stopped when I hit high school briefly and then started again before I went to college.  It was because of my basic understanding of piano and later chords on the organ (yes, the one with the foot pedals) that I was able to easily learn the flute and teach myself how to play the guitar.

For the longest time, music has been present in my life only through the music of others.  I would occasionally tip the keys back home, or when I saw a piano here somewhere at some party perhaps.  And at the back of my mind, I always said I’m going to find a rehearsal studio, get a room with a piano and sit.  I think I’ve finally found the proper motivation with the right piece, the great voice of Adele bringing this Bob Dylan classic to life, and a personal reason to actually learn and maybe sing the song one of these days — even if only to myself.. in some rehearsal studio in Midtown Manhattan.  Soon.