Updated: The Blogger (Yes, it’s all about ME)

Updated February 5, 2015 – 2015 has brought about a lot of changes in my life as a whole, and I feel that though I liked the perfunctory listing of things telling you about the writer behind the blog, I think it’s time to change things up a bit.

Pinay New Yorker is a mix of words pertaining to my ethnic origin which is “Pinay,” slang for FILIPINA, and the “New Yorker” bit is to identify where this Filipina currently is.  The blog has been around since 2004 (same age as my little guy) but I’ve been in New York the last 15.  And while most people consider New Jersey and Westchester part of New York City (which they are not), I do live in one of the five boroughs.

I am passionate about writing, crafts, motherhood and celebrating life.  You’ll see that in the things I write about here, and in the photos I snap up (mostly with my iPhone6) and which I post on Instagram and Flickr, and my feed on Twitter.  I have a second blog dedicated to crafting under the banner of GothamChick, which is also the name of my Etsy shop, and a third which is more of a project that will hopefully get off the ground this year, The Thank You Postcard Project.

I love the color pink (my wardrobe has enough of it to allow me to wear it everyday if I wanted to), am a self-confessed chocoholic (and my taste runs the gamut of Li-lac here in New York, Fauchon and Dalyanov in Paris to Neuhaus in Belgium, and Goya and Serg in Manila!) .  I can eat tuna sashimi as a full meal (Saisaki back home never fails me..), and miss having tapsilog without the silog (Did someone say Tapa King?).  Oh, and I also miss the fishballs on the streets of Manila.. (I just remembered how a friend asked me if I miss Manila.. and every time I remember being asked that question now, I feel something tugging at my heart.  Yes, I do… I really do miss Manila.)

I can be really bossy (being the eldest child… I am forever the “Ate” or big sister) , overly fussy and attentive (being a Mom and again being the eldest child in a brood of 4 — which is probably the reason why I always feel a need to take care of people), and always wanting to be in charge (again, being the eldest child, everyone knows my word is law… so disagreeing with me is not a wise thing to do.)  

I miss music and poetry.  I love playing musical instruments particularly the piano, and listening to music in general — and have made it my mission to find time and the resources to play the keys again — even if I don’t own a piano.  And perhaps the inspiration will come to write poetry anew.  It has been ages since I wrote anything close to prose — not since before I left home and came here to start my new life.  Perhaps that will change this year, and the words will flow again.

If you took my iphone and looked at my playlist, you will find Todd Rundgren (Can we still be friends), Robert Palmer (Can we still be friends — yes, he has his own version), Himig Heswita (.. just can’t shake the Jesuits out of my system..), Adele (To Make You Feel My Love), Keane (Somewhere Only We Know), Josh Groban (You Raise me Up), Michael Buble (Best of Me), Joss Whedon (Sigh no More from Much Ado About Nothing), Coldplay (Till Kingdom Come), Ursula 1000 (Riviera Rendezvous which you’ve heard a million times but probably don’t know that that’s the title of that catchy tune), Donna Summer (Last Dance), Minnie Ripperton (Never Existed Before), U2 (Song for Someone and that entire free album), Sam Smith (the entire IN THE LONELY HOUR ALBUM).

IN MY COLLECTION: Starbucks mugs (and Starbucks only please..), PencilsPostcards, and autographed books.

I’m the type of person who believes that it is important to be kinder to myself and take care of myself better.  I know that must sound pretty selfish and self-centered, but last year’s journey of coping and forgiveness has taught me that I need to start with myself before I can do anything for anyone around me.  Sometimes “good enough” IS “good enough”.  It does NOT always have to be “the best”.  That sometimes “okay” can actually be pretty awesome in other people’s eyes, so I shouldn’t beat myself up over not meeting my sometimes uber high standards.

While I wear my faith on my sleeve, I also believe that the universe speaks to me.  My faith and resolve have been tested many times over, and I credit my upbringing (yes, with the nuns of St. Paul and then the Jesuits later in law school) mixed with my exposure to the real world in the “real as real can be” world of the University of the Philippines during my college years for giving me the capacity to believe in the unseen and in believing beyond that.

I’ve learned to embrace the “me” I’ve become and I actually can say that I like the person I am now, both in the physical and spiritual sense.  For all the challenges that the world has thrown my way in the very recent past, I think I can confidently say I’ve emerged a better person, more in touch with who I really am and what I want in life.  And if I were introduced to “me”, I think I’d think I was pretty cool and awesome… a little cuckoo  — just crazy enough, easy to laugh and fun to be with.  Sometimes a tad too cautious and conservative, but quite surprisingly daring at times and open minded about life in general.  At times overly sensitive and quick to be hurt or get angry, and while capable of evil schemes and does have a bitchy side that surfaces when needed, the more reasonable and easy-going part of me is usually the one you’ll spend time with.  Quite the loyal friend, but once you lose that friendship, chances are, it’s lost forever.  (Yes, I hold grudges — I’m human.)

Welcome to my world — this is me… at least that part of me that I will allow the world to see.

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