It’s the weekend yet again

My day is never complete without looking at this side of #Manhattan. #Sunset  and the #EmpireStateBuilding make for quite a #breathtaking end to my day.  Goodnight, #newyorkskyline ! #ilovetheempirestatebuilding #ilovenewyork #lookingtowardsDowntown #myny

I started writing this meaning for it to be posted Friday.   But as always, life intervened and it stayed as a draft post and Friday was done.

It’s been a rather challenging week on many fronts but I made it to the weekend, and for that, I am grateful.  I’m just glad it’s the weekend and I can actually look forward to some form of break.  And I’m hoping I’ll get to rest enough just to be able to jumpstart the coming week come Monday.

I’m actually looking forward to next week.  It seems that I’ve been waiting for so many things to come and find me, but the thing is that everything is for next week.  Patience, in relation to waiting, is not one of my stronger suits.  I hate waiting.  I hate being made to wait.  But I guess the years have helped me to get a grip on my impatience and have enabled me to coast by and handle it just a little better.

I’ve learned how to focus on other things so I don’t drive myself crazy.  And there is that realization that there are things which are just beyond my control.

Saturday, as always is a “me day”.  Haircut.  Maybe a trip to my favorite craft store.  Pick up more of this fab waterproof eyeliner I saw at the dollar store.  (Can you believe that?!)  And maybe a trip to the city to go find me a gown.

It’s raining, though.  I guess its rainboots for footwear,  an umbrella on hand.  I had spent several weekends cooped up at home, but last week, I decided I was better off outside doing things to take care of “me”.

Well, here’s to another productive weekend..

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