Monday Musings: Cold New York Monday

MondayMusingsLogoI started drafting a post Saturday morning while having breakfast, but that didn’t seem to go in any particular direction so I let it go.  Sometimes it is best to leave things unsaid if you are unable to say it the right way.  It’ll come when it comes.  Meanwhile, Monday is here again.

I imagine some people feel like giving me a bop in the head when I come in all bright and cheerful greeting them with a happy Monday and sarcastically saying “Another day in paradise!”.  I say it with a smile, and there are days when I really feel it and other days when I am just being mean spirited.  Everyone is entitled to take it the way they wish — I just don’t like starting my week,  or any day for that matter, on a bad note.  And sometimes I can’t help but think that even faking it will get you to a high note somehow.  Better that than start the day with your head bowed down low.  (Wrinkle magnet!)

Keeping warm.  I refused to don a coat today even if the temperatures were not going to go up to 60.  I layered instead.  Cami, blouse, turtleneck pullover, open sweater coat.  I tied a ‘tubao’ around my neck just for good measure — I had a silk scarf in my tote but that was to wear as an accessory indoors, more than to keep warm.  Sock and booties on, and off I went.  The temperatures these days have been rather unpredictable and going in every direction with no discernible pattern.  The best thing to do is just leave an extra sweater in the office, or lug around a warmer scarf to keep cozy.  It may be warm as you walk out the house and freezing cold when you start heading back.

I used to just pile on the sweaters, but these days, you can’t even do that because you’d end up cooking underneath all that if the sun decides to come out like today.  It has become fashionable to wear pull overs which can be anything from sleeveless turtlenecks, tunics, or something similar.  There are even cropped short sleeve sweaters available now.  I’ve been more adventurous with the seasonal wear, too, because now I can wear something less frumpier, and I no longer feel a need to hide my curves.  It’s all about owning your look and being proud of and happy with who you are!

Speaking of which, Halloween is just around the corner.

How about a costume this year?  No, I am not going to buy one and be one of those characters.. I actually hit upon this idea of making a paper costume but I’m not too sure I’m going to be able to make the deadline.  As always, it’s a last minute creative idea that may or may not come to fruition.  First, I have to fish out my petticoat from the attic.. Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, here’s to a good week ahead..