Friday Five: 2016 Kick off

Friday5I’m too lazy to go back and find my first ever Friday Five post, but it’s a category in the drop down menu so be my guest.

This is one Friday I’ve been waiting for, and it’s not only because it comes as a long weekend (Hooray for Martin Luther King, Jr.!), but more importantly, because the week prefacing the weekend has been quite a tough one.  But it’s done, the tests have been taken (Math on Monday and Tuesday, midterm in Science on Thursday,) and a science project that got me and two 11-year-olds befuddled was completed.  Rube Goldberg machine, anyone?

The point of the list is to create a simple, doable and easily achieved checklist of things to do or start during the weekend, with a progress report due the following Friday.  Besides the obvious, the intention is to give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the weekend, helping you to start the week off right.  It’s also supposed to help you keep track of where the weekend went beyond the regular errands you have to run.

The rules:  (1) Keep it simple.  (Go through pantry and discard expired food.  Pick up prescription.  Mail that birthday card.  Start this project.  Throw that away.)  (2)  It must be doable.  (You have the weekend only and the following week as an extension, so no tasks that will require a huge investment time-wise.)  (3)  Should involve only or mostly you.  (Involving another person would mean depending on that person for the fulfillment of the task.  This is about YOU.)

So for the first Friday Five of 2016, here is my task list for the long weekend ahead:

  1.  Write Do.  (BFF Donna who is in Australia.)
  2. Create the matching piece for B.  (Gave her a pair of freshwater pearl bracelets.
  3. Read.  (Book no. 1 was book no.2 of last year’s list.)
  4. Sort clothes to keep or to give away.
  5. Go through make up stash and discard old supplies.

Notice there are no regular chores listed.  (No do the laundry, fold the clothes, or clean the bathroom.)  Think of tasks you need to be reminded of and need to focus on because you keep forgetting.  If you have a reminder system in your calendar on your smart phone, it might help to remind yourself Saturday evening if not early Sunday.  (Heading to Outlook to put that in right now!)

Let’s see how this list goes this looooooong, glorious weekend — even if it’s cold as a freezer in these parts.  I shouldn’t really be complaining, it’s getting milder.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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