Dreaming the dream

I am a dreamer at heart.  I think it’s what gives me hope and what makes me believe that no matter how bad things may get, there is a better day up ahead somewhere.  Maybe not today or tomorrow — but it’ll come.

It’s dreaming that makes me think that the disappointments that life throws my way are but temporary stumbling blocks I can hop over or dance around — depending on which fantasy I’m thinking of at the moment.

In my mind, I think of better days, I go back to warm and fuzzy feelings, and I look forward.  That’s what dreams are supposed to be — at least the ones we consciously spin in our heads and hearts.  It’s supposed to help us focus on what is yet to come.

What sets apart one dreamer from another is if he or she goes for that dream.  Some end up just wishing their life away without taking that giant leap towards finding out if that dream is within reach.  Others jump head first and hit the ground with a loud thud and then they get up and conjure up other dreams.  Others just stay frozen wallowing in their broken dreams.

So I got another e-mail from a Lawyer Wannabe.  (Makes me think I should change my tag line from “Musings of a Filipina living in New York” to “Advice for the legal eagle dreamers out there”.)

KC (also from UP)  is asking me about whether or not she should pursue an MS (driven by the current job she has) or Law which she is thinking of doing.  She wasn’t able to take the Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) as her job required her to go abroad, making her miss the only exam date for UP.  She is thinking of taking the San Beda Law entrance exam because she doesn’t want to wait another year.  Financial considerations are making her think twice about that decision because her parents are both government employees.  The crux of her dilemma is regarding whether she should pursue law or a Master’s degree in Science.

I gave her a brief reply via email which I have expounded below and want to share with those who might be having the same questions running through their head..

I have always encouraged anyone and every one who has dreamed to be something to go for it.  In the end, the choice is yours to live with, and I am of the school of the thought that it is better to try for something and know if it’s for you, rather than keep dreaming and never know.  It seems that so many people think of being this or that but never even get anywhere near finding out if they can be such and such because of sheer reluctance.  We have all heard it said, “Life is short..”.. “You only live once..”.  And yet we think of those phrases only when it doesn’t require us to be brave enough to take the leap, so to speak.If money is a factor then you might want to wait for next year’s UP exam.  Law is a very expensive course to take because of the books and numerous materials to be photocopied.  That is a given in ANY SCHOOL you go to.  So tuition really is the deal breaker.  You also have to take into consideration the fact that you’re working.  I did it back then, but it wasn’t easy.  Can you hack the schedule?

If you went for your masters, will your job pay for it?  If they will, then isn’t that a more practical route?  You mentioned MS so I am guessing your training is in the sciences and not the arts.  You have to weigh your skills against your dream.  Law requires a lot of writing — if that is not your strength, that is going to be a problem.  Our exams are all about reasoning out — more so in the Bar.

Regarding the financial aspect, my question is, if you are already working, why do you need to depend on your parents for tuition?  I would like to think that they had done you well by taking care of you up to this point, so it’s about time you stood up on your own.  However, if your intention is to be a full time student, then that is another matter altogether.  I think it will do you well to sit down with your parents and find out if they are prepared to continue to support you so you know where you stand if you make it to law school after all the exams are done.  You wouldn’t want to have to face the choice of foregoing your dream due to financial unpreparedness.  Their ability to support you should not deter you from pursuing your law education or your masters — it will help, but I know you can find a way if you put your heart and soul to it.  I did.

If it means that much to you, then by all means take the entrance exams.  Passing that hurdle is one step closer to the dream, but until you actually do, there’s no use fretting about the rest.  I know that might sound rather whimsical, but sometimes, you just have to throw all caution to the wind and go for it.  If it is meant for you, it will land on your lap — even if you don’t make it to the law school of your choice.  Opportunity will come knocking, maybe from UP!  Who knows?

The long and short of it is that you will never really find out until you go for it..  I think the best advice I can give you is to follow your dream but be ready to make it come true.  Do not ever let yourself be limited by your resources — if you don’t have them, find them.  We have been blessed with different levels of intellect, and my mother always harped on the fact that we were not created equal for a reason.   There are some of us who are more blessed than others, but that doesn’t mean the lesser ones are any less in the eyes of the boss upstairs.  It’s just the way life works — we can’t all be superstars.. otherwise, there will be no fans.  We can’t all be lawyers — and we can’t all be accountants or scientists of this or that discipline.  But we all have a role to play.

Find what it is that makes you happy.  Keep dreaming, and make those dreams a reality.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming the dream

  1. Hi! Reading your article helped me to overcome my worries. I am very ambitious like I want to be a doctor in the US or successful politician or an astrophysicist or scientist, but we dont have money (yup, our money can only afford basic needs like food, payment for bills..) I am a graduate of medical allied course w/c I am not passionate about and not licensed yet. I want to be somebody someday even though I’m poor and we’re in a poor country. You enlightened me that we cant be all a STAR but we have roles to play. Up to this time I dont know what is my passion. I have high hopes that Philippines is going to get better.

    Thank you. Godbless you and inspire more people 🙂


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