Fickle Spring

 Spring2016We’re back to freezing weather which, while not impossible during this time of the year, is a tad disconcerting when you are all psyched for less layers and lighter clothes. So the winter coat I had dry cleaned two weeks ago and which I thought I could put away is a staple once again.  I was hoping to finally be able to wear skirts again without the tights, or no leggings under the pants — but Mother Nature has been fickle minded.

I earnestly tried to come up with another Monday Musings post yesterday, but I didn’t really get very far.   I’m hoping that starting this one as I am sipping my morning cup of coffee will help me get a head start and get something published. I have at least four blogposts simmering In my head, and I am always trying to find the time and energy to expound on those initial thoughts.   (1) “Planning a 50th birthday party,”  (2) “My Birthday Wishlist,” (3) “Birthday Reading Haul,” and a lengthy email I need to respond to in a blog post on (4) “The Cost of Dreaming to be a Legal Eagle.”  I am hoping to do all four in the next ten days. (I am not quite as brazen to declare “by the end of the week” because there is work and motherhood in the way.)

There are times when I feel that writing about it here vocalizes it (albeit, in a digital voice) and will summon it in a mystic way to materialize.  Of course I know I actually have to hit the keys to make that happen.

It’s raining in New York today and I am resigned to donning my galoshes.  Just need to figure out which one.  I have the “padded for freezing rain” boots and he whimsical floral feel-like-being-cute boots.  Of course I can actually completely ignore the rain and just wear another pair.  When will spring finally come???

I’m hoping that the weather will improve as promised in the coming days and that I will finally be able to walk in Central Park during springtime, the only season I haven’t had the chance to soak the colors of our city jungle ever.  Fall is still my favorite time to be there, but spring is a visual spectacle if you catch the trees in full bloom.  The tricky thing is to catch them just as they are most colorful before they fade which can be overnight.  

I have a tree in front of my unit which blooms in glorious fuschia pink but sprouts buds and blooms and fades, all in a matter of days.  I had documented it a while back from day to day but failed to post it in sequence as I had hoped to.  Maybe this year.. 

When the changes happen as quickly as they do during this particular season, I can’t help but be reminded about how fleeting life is, and how it pays to be mindful of the way the world keeps changing in both big and small ways.  Now if only Spring will finally make up its mind to stay.