Pre weekend

UntitledI’m really looking forward to the weekend, beyond doing my laundry and hopefully getting a few pieces done to post in the shop.  Saturdays, most specially, are sleep in days when I don’t have to worry about the alarm clock ringing before 6am. I actually set it for 9am, only because I’m afraid I will sleep through to noon. Almost impossible, but I would hate to waste half a day literally snoozing away. Plus at my age, the rest of the day tends to go by ever so slowly when I wake up way too late. I feel lethargic even with all that extra rest.  Counter productive.  (Maybe just because I’m older.)

I’m just hoping I can get down to starting to publish my poetry online over at my site dedicated to this which I’ve entitled “This Life In Verse.”  Pretty straightforward, and something I’m pulling together to have all my poetry from age 9 on in one place.  I had brought as much of my work as I can find to New York in the course of several trips to Manila over the years.  

After a creative drought of 15 (!) years, I’ve started writing again.  That, in itself, is reason enough to find the inspiration to try and organize my work into a single compilation.  It’s as if my voice was silenced and awakened from a deep sleep after so long.  Although the writing has been sparse in the last 2 years, the mere fact that I have actually started writing and completing pieces has roused me from that slumber.  
I used to sit and be able to write poem after poem about anything under the sun.  I wrote about friendship, love, joy and happiness.  Then the words stopped coming.  I didn’t even realize it that I had stopped writing.  

But I am writing again.. and that part of me came Alice and is no longer silent.  

So this weekend, I begin yet another journey in words.

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