Midnight whispers

I find it uncanny that I am suddenly bombarded by these ideas I want to write about, just as I am getting ready to sleep.

So there I am, brushing my teeth, not particularly looking at myself as I face the bathroom mirror, and an idea hits me. Or, as I am putting away the things I tinkered with just before I decided it was time to heed the call of my pillows— I feel this deep urge to write. I am usually good at ignoring it, but sometimes it just keeps eating at me.

I want to write about the gorgeous sunsets I have witnessed the last couple of days.. of celebrations and the ones you choose to do it with.. of taking the time to let others know how you feel.. of missing Sydney and the warm feelings those memories bring to my heart… and how, while the daily struggle can sometimes be overwhelming, my best friend up there always manages to tap me on the shoulder and remind me I am in a very good place.. or some simple gesture reminds me I am cherished and special.

Then I missed out on my original draft by not saving it before the app could auto save— and I had to redo half the post and now I must turn in and bid the world goodnight.. but not before I share one of those glorious sunsets I want to write about with you.

Sunsets of New York